Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I was going to watch "She's the Man" from the library, but its all scratched up. Besides, Amanda Baines wasn't all that convincing as a guy. It was rather silly. Jonah was glad I turned it off. Just in time for South Park.

Anyway, I'm sleepy since I didn't sleep that great last night. Hopefully, the house won't be that hot tonight. Its windy, but very hot outside.

God, all I hear is how expensive everything is. Coffee. Gas. The list goes on and on with Jonah's Mom. I do understand. But now the A/C. I need it at night. I like a cold room that I can get warm in. Strange huh? I guess its because we don't use that much heat in the winter and go to bed practically with the polar bears in our flannels and warm fuzzy socks. Now summer has arrived and that means no clothes if possible. I just couldn't sleep nude. Although, I have a feeling Jonah would. He just would never say he would.

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