Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh Hollyoaks

I found a picture of Stuart Manning who plays Russ on Hollyoaks. Don't care so much for the arm pit, but I've never seen him with long hair. He should grow his hair back.

Maybe I'm around too many long haired guys, like Sam.

Of course, this week, I haven't seen much of anyone. Although, Kenny brought me jello cups and hung out with me for a while. But I have kissed him because mouth.

Its a little sore still from the root canal, but luckily, it only took an hour, now I need to get it capped, but I can't get in til Tuesday.

Acutually, I was looking for pictures of Andrew Moss on Hollyoaks. His character Rhys slept with Amy's Mom. He's her sister's boyfriend. It was so like..huh, when did that happen? Her Mom? What kind of guy is he?
Doesn't Andrew Moss make you think of Jonathan Ryhs Myers in this pic?
Well, must get back to Hollyoaks.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

ricky palomino

Oh my God, how could they let him go on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?
He's so cute. And he can dance. Definitely dance. Really I think this year they have better dancers that the past two seasons.
Yeah, I had to watch it tonight.
See, we'd been watching this bollywood movie that Jonah's Mom got for a film. I think it could have lasted 3 hours. But we didn't have the subtitles on so I was lost. What I do know, have a cool dance number and everyone is happy will soon be followed by something bad happening. Actually, I just like watching the musical parts.
Anyway, by 8 I tuned in to see the show and didn't realise the big dance numbers were last night.
Jonah wanted to watch LAST COMIC STANDING last night. Actually, they weren't that funny. But we watched. Sort of. I know now I've lost interested in that show. But cutest has already left "So you think you can dance". I hear he sings too and has a cd out. You can find out more about Ricky here.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

the invisible

Ok, its not like I'm exactly cheating, but I went to the movie with Sam. Yeap, we saw "The Invisible" with Justin Cheatwin (I think). Um, I have mixed feelings about the film. It does make you think, but it got a little on the sappy side in places. And "annie" in the movie was so mean. I was thinking it would have been different. You know, like she was this goth chick in her own world and she's the only one to hear that he "was still alive". But as it was she was this evil bitch who had put the main character in the predicument he was in. It was strange. Then the projector went down, 3 times. Can you believe that?

Actually, I can't believe I went out with Sam. I wasn't planning on it. Just this last minute thing.

And if I didn't think the movie was psychic enough, well, he's a little psychic too.

He thinks his brother's girlfriend is pregnant. And do you want to know why? His brother is getting fat. "That means something. I know it does...." He's really obessing on it badly. I just listened. He'd mention this before, but I didn't really believe him. He really believes it.

Its not that he's freaking me out or anything, but its just strange. He wants me to keep seeing Kenny...with this ominous last words, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do..."


He gets to me sometime. Like maybe he doesn't want me seeing anyone but him, but then its like, "You should date more..."

I don't know what to think of him.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

wind finally calming some

Last night was so bad with the wind. Like those winds in Volver.

I was so tired today. The kids wouldn't take a nap until late which I hope I won't hear about tomorrow. I could have really used a nap, but I didn't get one.

Yes, babysitting is stressful. They wanted me to take them to the pool, but I said no. Just the thought makes me overcome with nightmares from Jonah's mom who you don't want to mention the word pool because she tells you every bad thing that could happen. And its windy. It might be a hot wind, but its windy.

I do want to go to the pool. I think, but I have alabastor skin (practically) so it would be burning flash if I were in the sun. Seriously, I'm not sure I'd want anyone to see me in a swim suit. I don't even remember where mine is.

Hopefully, I'm going to go to bed early. I really need too, for a change.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I was going to watch "She's the Man" from the library, but its all scratched up. Besides, Amanda Baines wasn't all that convincing as a guy. It was rather silly. Jonah was glad I turned it off. Just in time for South Park.

Anyway, I'm sleepy since I didn't sleep that great last night. Hopefully, the house won't be that hot tonight. Its windy, but very hot outside.

God, all I hear is how expensive everything is. Coffee. Gas. The list goes on and on with Jonah's Mom. I do understand. But now the A/C. I need it at night. I like a cold room that I can get warm in. Strange huh? I guess its because we don't use that much heat in the winter and go to bed practically with the polar bears in our flannels and warm fuzzy socks. Now summer has arrived and that means no clothes if possible. I just couldn't sleep nude. Although, I have a feeling Jonah would. He just would never say he would.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

where the wind blows

I'm feeling a little blue. I had meant to let something on TV take me away, but it didn't. Nothing good on, actually. I did have a long talk with someone I haven't seen since school got out. Leahia told me all about Worlds of Fun and going shopping and what not. My ear hurt from being stuck to the phone. We talked about guys at school. Stupid stuff. But I didn't have the nerve to mention Kenny, and I know I should have.

Then I found out from Jonah about Sam. He did go out with some girl where they work. It was a bit of a blow, although, I expected it. Now I don't think I can be around him at all.

I feel bad that I didn't tell Leahia all about Kenny. I would have. I was going to, but she kept talking about how great her summer has been, and she got this guy's phone number who she met at Worlds of Fun who she doubts she'll ever see again, but maybe. Her plan, how they can get together. But she only met him in line for some water ride, and I don't think she's even called him. So after listening to that, it was kind of hard to jump right in with, Guess what?

Sometimes, I think I just go where ever the wind takes me. She did ask about Josh. I don't even want to hear his name.