Thursday, May 31, 2007

why is like that?

Ok, lets face facts. Jonah is mighty fine. Admit it and go on.

I mean, his hair, which is never ever perfect was perfect tonight. He looked so amazing. Its like this job is doing so much for him. He's getting a little tan. Getting fit.

Hopefully, I won't be stuck on this tomorrow. I won't. I mean, he's like a brother to me, but he looked really good tonight.

I'm working on crochet. More. Yes, Kenny had to teach me. I kind of wanted to learn. Although, a part of me finds it funny that he knows how. Or that its not fair that he knows so much and I don't.

He made me this crocheted shopping basket. Its pink and brown. Lots of pink left over so I've been working on a scarf. Actually, I'm on my second one right now. They're not huge scarves.

And while I was working on that I watched the national spelling B. I always wanted to spell like that. Well, not really. I hate spelling. And it was funny, the kid who won said he didn't like spelling, either.

But TV is rather boring this week.

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