Sunday, May 6, 2007

stormy weather

I'm not sure I really slept last night. So much thundering and lightening. And Jonah's Mom had her party which was ok, I guess. And I'm glad Sam was over, but it was just, you know, odd.
Like, how was I suppose to act? Wish it hadn't even bothered me now, because that was a waste of time. It went fine. And he got really cuddly near the end.
Jonah watched his shows he'd recorded on the dvd player and Sam hung out with him some, because I had to do all this extra "woman" stuff, like getting the dinner ready. You know, thats what really bothers me. I had to do this stuff, and Jonah didn't. He was like a bump on a log. But I helped out. Although, I could have enjoyed it more if I hadn't had to do so much.
Naturally, Jonah's Mom was spazzing, practically. She's not very good with having partys. She wants everything perfect. Wish she could enjoyed herself more. Maybe I could have had more fun too.
But then all this rain. Thankfully, the basement isn't flooded.
Now, I'm just lazy. Don't want to do anything much today. More sleep.
I had gotten a chance to cup up my deninum skirts yesterday for aprons. Now I just need to add some sort of embellishments. While I was at the library yesterday, I saw this woman with a 'Jean's' purse. Must have cost a fortune with all that 'bejeweled' stuff and the old jewelry on the handles, but its beautiful.
If I could afford it, I'd love to make some jewelry.

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