Friday, May 11, 2007

school isn't out yet

It was so strange at school today. The seniors were gone. It was so quiet. Well, there were people, of course. Even they were acting weird. And we don't have the last day of school til next week.

Josh was being odd today. Like he had this energy about him. Its hard to describe. When he smiles its like his whole face smiles. And he doesn't smile that much. And what am I suppose to do?

He was more hot than usual today. I don't know. I mean, he just wanted to be closer. He kept messing with my hair. He even tugged on my belt loop. Crazy.

I want to stop thinking about him.

It didn't help that I ate a hot dog for dinner, and I think I have heart burn now. That never happens. I hung out with Sam for a little while. Something is on his mind, but I'm not sure if its about his ex girlfriend or his brother. For someone who talks so much, he's not really talking about it.

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