Tuesday, May 15, 2007

oh the fun we'll have

It rained last night. Actually, some thunderstorms even.

I feel a little out of it. As in, what in the hell am I doing? School is almost out and I'm acting like school just started as in, I've got a boyfriend. Which I'm not sure I do. I just need something offical so I won't be treading lightly out here in the damp cold.

So the whole thing with Josh yesterday was not what I expected. It was like this last chance kind of thing. I guess. Or, maybe he expected it. Maybe he did. Wish I didn't think he was messing with me, but I do.

Then Sam started his job yesterday so he was really tired last night. I didn't bother him because right now is a good time not to bother him for several reason. Number one being, the hickey. The less anger I can cause him, the better. And you know, he might really find someone he's really in to at that place he works.

Jonah has already reported to me the "sweet" factor there. He saw his share of girls who work out there in short shrots with the perfect tan, already. And he can hardly wait to work there.


I want to go to sleep. I want to see Josh, but then I don't.

I'm going to stay calm. Going to be so calm. Yeah, its only Tuesday. I woke up this morning hoping it was Saturday. I have no idea why I did that, but I did.

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